Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hey Mama

Shirt: New York & Co| Belt: Target | Hat :old| Pants: Levi's| Shoes: ZiGiny| Bangles: H&M| Watch: Michael Kors

Mother of Mine

How do I tell you, from this daughter
Oh mother of mine, who couldn't have worked harder
To make my life, as best as could be
How much your loved, for loving me

Things you wanted, so many times
You put aside, to help me and mine
Even when I was growing up
A back you never turned, a door you never shut

How do I tell you, how much this means
Oh mother of mine, who always beams
With a loving heart, with open arms
Caring for all, with all your charms

You made life, so very good
For me you did, all you could
You cared for me, through all bad times
Your loved so much, oh mother of mine

~ Betty Halverson, 2003 ~


Happy Mother's Day!
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