Saturday, July 3, 2010

Balance – Life & Work!!!

An age old question, how can I find a healthy and attainable balance in life? I am still searching for the answer. Do any of you have a clue?!!!
This is the time of year that many of us have vowed to eat better, exercise more, stress less and get a better nights sleep. This hasn’t really worked for me thus far. I am incorporating healthy living into my daily routine; however it is very difficult to stay consistent, especially with exercise, SMH.
For the most part I prepare my meals daily and I do my best to eat the recommended 3-5 servings of fruits and veggies. Nonetheless, I am a sucker for junk food. I love, love, love chocolate, sweets, chips and an occasional glass of wine. I suppose it is safe to delight in those favorites every now and then as long as it is in moderation LOL ;D
Lately I have been paying a lot of extra attention to my calorie intake and the items that I’m eating, however I feel deprived many times. I am getting use to not eating a lot of the things that I have eliminated from my diet, for instance, bread and skittles.
My new resolution is to reduce the amount of pressure that I place on myself and to embrace my body the way that it is. In regards to long- term health, balance is crucial! What is your 2010 resolution? Leave a comment and let me know, and tell me about your struggles.


Lana said...

I was in USA in 2007. I can say that I gained in weight 3 kg during 3 weeks. It seems to me the cause is the quality of food (genetic-modified food is very shared in USA). I think the main condition for healfy is the quality of food and you are right regular eating of small portions (I was really surprised by BIG portions in restaurants).

Beauty From Within said...

OMG Lana,

I was recently in NYC and you wouldn't believe the size of the servings!! I could never finsh all of my food and I felt very bad and waistful. I wish I would have known and then my friends and I could have possibly split a meal because the portions were enough to feed three!!!

I suppose it's easy to put on weight when you are eating delicious food in large portions. Sometimes it is hard to stop. I've learned to pace myself and to stop eating once I'm full. You can always take it to go ladies! LOL

Tresja said...

In 2010 my goal was to become more focused on me, my health, my financials, my mental clarity and my ambitions. I have had much success in reorganizing my focus and because of it I have become a better mom and overall better person. What helped me shift my focus was to begin writing out my thoughts and goal mapping. Goal mapping allows one to realize on paper what steps are required in order to achieve your goals! Second, I stopped procrastinating and created a motto for myself which is 'change can not occur until action takes place'

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