Sunday, July 25, 2010

Travel & Leisure

I recently took a trip to New York, The Empire State to celebrate a friends birthday! Its amazing how different things are on the east coast. I had a blast and enjoyed myself on the mini vaca for the most part. My travel buddies and I experienced a few bumps in the road with scheduling and getting lost in the city where dreams are made of.

As a result of limited time and other factors we were not able to participate in all the activities that were originally planned. This got me to thinking, how can you travel with others and appease everyone at the same time staying on schedule with a small amount of time. Or would it be better to roll solo?

I traveled to Cancun, Mexico a few years ago and had a ball! I had an itinerary of activities and really immersed myself in the culture. I suppose this can be done in a group which is better for travel especially in a foreign country. So ladies and gents, the next time you are planning a get away with friends I suggest you come up with an itinerary for activities that everyone can agree with and a strict schedule that must be kept!!!

Leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts on group travel when working with a limited amount of time.


Tresja said...

Oh Me Oh My don't I ever agree! I recently took a trip to pueurto rico with 3 women and it was quite the experience. We could not agree on any adventures...either they were too far or too expensive! Food choice was complicated and the experience really ate away at my pet peeve which is timeliness. Overall I did have good time but mostly because I went into 'extreme woman against nature mode' which taught me a huge lesson...The more the merrier is a crock of you know what!!!

dimples said...

I dont mind travelling in a group or anything all i need is to amke sure i have a good time and not regret it all.I make sure i travel with the right group too.i know it might be a bit difficult if everyon just wants to get their activities followed through and all..

hi love ur style too..

i knw im a bit late on the comments but i stumbled on ur blog today and loved the contents..

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